Goodreads-interview met Koethi Zan

Een paar weken geleden organiseerde ik nog een WIN-actie op mijn blog met als prijs het boek Wat je nooit moet doen van Koethi Zan, vandaag heb ik via Goodreads enkele vragen aan deze thrillerschrijfster kunnen stellen. Hoe leuk is dat?

Via Goodreads kreeg ik van de Dead Good Book Club een uitnodiging per mail om deel te nemen aan het chatgesprek met Koethi Zan. Ze hadden gezien dat ik  Wat je nooit moet doen in mijn recensie-overzicht had toegevoegd en positief had beoordeeld. Ik mocht dus ook deelnemen aan de chat. Ik ben er meteen goed voor gaan zitten en kwam met de volgende vragen:

Hello Koethi,
First of all, let me start by saying I really enjoyed your book. It was thrilling, nervewrecking and I completely lost myself in the pages! Recently I organized a contest on my blog, where readers could win a copy of the Dutch translation of your book. It was an overwhelming success! I have a few questions that I hope you’ll answer.
1: How did you come up with the idea of this story?
2: When can we expect your new book to hit the stores?
3: I thought the book has a clear message about not trusting strangers, being carefull and live life responsably. Was that intentionally, was it always the idea during the writing of this book or did it come across while writing?
4: What do you think of the worldwide succes of your book?
5: Can we expect you in Holland in the near future for a book tour? I’m sure many Dutch fans are dying (excuse my language) to meet you!
Thank you for taking the time to answer (some of) my questions. This is a wonderfull initiative, and I hope it will be trendsetting for other writers as well. 
With regards,

Koethi in haar huis in Ghent, in de New Yorkse Hudson Valley. Bron:

Ik had deze vragen gistermiddag al klaargezet op Goodreads, en ik zag vandaag tot mijn grote verrassing dat Koethi mij persoonlijk had geantwoord. Leuk! Dit zijn haar antwoorden:

Thank you! 

1- I came up with the idea because I wanted to create a ‘detective’ character who had been through something more than the ordinary difficulties. I thought it would be interesting to have someone who had been a victim herself, and that in solving the mystery of a crime, she also had to solve the mystery of her own survival. 

2-I’m taking my time on the new book to get it just right. My goal as a writer is to make sure that each book is better than the last. I want to keep growing as a writer — that’s more important to me than coming out with book after book. I hope that readers will be patient and still remember me! 

3 – From the outset, I wanted to play with the idea of destiny vs. control. It was something I was obsessed with when I was younger: can I control my own fate if I’m careful enough, if I know enough about the dangers that are out there? I thought to myself that I could protect myself no matter what. So I wanted my characters to have that same thought, but then, as you know, it doesn’t quite work out for them as planned…

4 – I could not be happier about the book’s reception. Truly, it is a dream come true. I would have been happy just to be published – anywhere! It has been incredible to hear from readers who have enjoyed or been moved by the book. It’s an indescribable feeling, and not something I ever expected. I am truly grateful to everyone who has reached out to me here or on Facebook to tell me what they think or ask a question. Just amazing.

5 – I would love to come to Holland! Right now, there is nothing scheduled, but if the opportunity comes I will be there. I’ve never been and have always wanted to go. 

Ze is dus bezig met een nieuwe thriller, en ze wil absoluut naar Nederland komen. Dat staat nu echter nog niet op de planning, maar wie weet met haar nieuwe thriller.. (hint voor haar uitgever!) Ik hoop dat in de toekomst meer schrijvers van een platform als Goodreads gebruik zullen maken om op deze manier met hun lezers in contact te treden. Dit was in ieder geval een hele leuke ervaring!


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